Hi, I'm CHECK OUT GIRL. My story is a tale of broken eggs and broken hearts, with insights into America's major food waste problem. 

According to a 2012 report by the Natural Resources Defense Council, grocery stores lost 43 billion pounds of food to spoiling it in 2008. I watched those kinds of statistics write themselves from behind the register.

Fresh out of art school, I worked at the third busiest Trader Joe’s in the country. Though I had no intentions of being a writer, I happened to keep journals during my lunch break: from starting on the midnight shifts, to secret romances with co-workers, and cringe-worthy moments with irate customers. Most importantly, I recorded my disappointment at filling the store dumpster with still edible but “date expired” food. 

CHECK OUT GIRL is a synthesis of silly anecdotes and serious food waste facts, to encourage the average American to sit up and pay attention to a hidden crisis.